As a candidate your success is important to us. You deserve the best employment opportunities that can empower you with financial independence, respect and dignity.

When you partner with us for a job search, you have the right to:


When you partner with CanMar Recruitment, we want you to make a wise and well-informed decision about your career. We will provide you with an opportunity to experience a free and open-flow of information with regards to:

  •  Management style of the Client Organization
  •  The role and expectations
  •  Remuneration
  •  Culture, goals and the vision of the organization
  •  Relocation

Dynamic development

We will make sure that once you give us the task of finding you a suitable role, the journey from day one till you get there will help you grow and learn.

Well-timed communication

We value and respect your time which we believe is a sign of professionalism. At every stage we will respond to your queries swiftly and clarify your doubts with utmost sincerity. A stream of updates will regularly be given and structured timeframes and deadlines will be established to achieve the goals in as little time as possible.

Employee non- disclosure and confidentiality agreement

  • As Human Resource professionals, we make sure that all your vital information is kept confidential such as (e.g., Social Security numbers, performance reviews, reference checks, health-related information, previous pay packages and Legal issues etc.)
  • Before disclosing any information, we will take your approval.
  • We advise our clients to preserve employee confidentiality as well.
  • We will maintain a balance by sharing only that information which the client must know to make a well- informed decision.

Ample time

Our team will never burden you with a time limit to make a decision, though it is vital for us to keep our client’s deadlines into consideration. We are not in favor of you making a hurried commitment, and, therefore, we will give you enough time to make a wise decision.

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