How it works:


Submit your resume and cover letter to us. We reflect on applications from everyone who show interest in positions with us and meet the required criteria.

Initial Screening

Short-listed candidates will be contacted for the initial screening process. Candidates may be subject to a phone or face-to-face meeting. In order to be considered for the position, you must undergo the entire screening process.

We Prepare you for the Interview

We understand that presenting yourself can be nerve- racking, so we offer insightful advice on professional interview skills.

Interview with our Client

Given the sensitive nature of Canada’s cannabis industry, candidates are required to undergo a criminal background check.


After the interview, we want to know how well you managed it. Were you well prepared? Was there any indication of your performance in comparison to the other candidates? Were there any areas of the interview that you felt you could have done better?

We discuss your interest in the company and the job you have applied for, also understand any missed information or prime concerns.We will never put you under any pressure to take up a job. However, we do assess why it didn’t work out and help you in preparing for other new opportunities.


Depending on the position, it is normal to go through 1-3 rounds of interviews throughout the selection process. Once the client decides you are selected for the position, you will be contacted. However, if you are not selected CanMar will keep you informed and provide you with feedback.

Do not despair. Even if the opportunity doesn’t work out, we will keep your name on file. Once an opportunity presents itself and is a perfect fit, the outcome is always positive. We advise you to stay optimistic, do your best, be organized, follow up and always leave a standing impression.

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