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The biggest problem that the Illegal Cannabis Industry faced previously was that there was no quality check for any of the products. This resulted in adulteration, scamming in quantities and misinformation of species. Since legal cannabis was not available, people had to keep up with the demands of the supplier. But the legalization of marijuana changed everything. Medical marijuana which was previously legal would go through proper regulations. That was very limited in quantity and needed very few quality assurance inspectors. But ever since the legalization has taken place, strict regulations have been put into place and quality assurance has become very important. CanMar Recruitment have become the most trusted recruitment firm offering assistance in finding the best Cannabis Quality Assurance Jobs Vancouver.

What is the kind of opportunities that have opened up with Cannabis Quality Assurance Jobs Vancouver?

Ever since recreational cannabis got legalized, a number of other avenues have also opened up like cannabis beverage, THC based food products and various other uses of the plant in general. This has imposed a number of quality checks and regulations that have to be followed by the firms selling cannabis products. People working in the health sector are often required for this post. Botanists who have worked with the cannabis plant are also required as well. Quality Assurance is a numerous step process, a number of posts required for Cannabis Quality Assurance Vancouver are also very high. CanMar recruitment makes sure that firms that require people for this post are fulfilled.

What Are The Core Competencies Required For Cannabis Quality Assurance Jobs Vancouver?

  • Working experience as a Quality Assurance Associate/Technician in a Health Canada regulated environment with proficiency in the documentation and analytical testing.
  • Good Understanding of ACMPR, Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, Pest Control Products Act, Fertilizer act, Guidelines for residual solvents ICH Topic Q3C (R5).
  • Strong Knowledge of GMP, GDP, HACCP.
  • Working knowledge of seed to sale system (ERP System) is an asset.

How is CanMar recruitment helpful for Quality Assurance Jobs?

CanMar recruitment is a portal where cannabis firms needing employees for any specification can post their Cannabis Quality Assurance Jobs Vancouver requirement. CanMar makes sure that the candidate chosen is then put through various interviews and seen that candidate is the perfect fit for the job. CanMar goes through a lot of processes to make sure that both the firm and the employee are satisfied with each other. Quality Assurance is a job that is very much in demand and CanMar recruitment makes sure that all the demands are met properly.