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Erin Gratton

Erin Gratton, CHRL

Erin Gratton, CHRL (she/her) is an independent Human Resources leader, educator and Instructional Designer specializing in employee effectiveness. Erin has dedicated 20+ years in Human Resources, focusing on Experiential Learning, employee onboarding, workplace equity, and employment legislation.

Erin sees education as a critical action in diversity and inclusion strategies, where employee success leads to financial security for workers, businesses, and communities.

Erin supports clients of all sizes, and adapts to their business needs. Her adult education work has been implemented within several industries including technology, restaurant, hospitality, retail, finance, and more recently regulated cannabis.

In addition to her independent work, Erin is an advocate for fair and equitable access and opportunity within the regulated cannabis industry. She volunteers her time within the medical cannabis community to support needs of people living with chronic illness. Erin’s human rights interests lead her to support workers making a transition back to employment.

Erin lives and works in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada, and thrives on the energy and culture found in the city. As an avid vinyl music collector, she is sure to be found playing records in her spare time at home.

Service Offerings:

  • Blended learning solutions: eLearning and digital learning, classroom, virtual, on-the-job, coaching, mentoring, job aides, video scripting and other collateral
  • Employee onboarding models and programs, ranging up to 12 months to improve new hire retention
  • Worker rights education and policy: harassment prevention, anti-violence, safety for non-industrial workplaces

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