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Attracting talented staff is an important part of the growth and success story of any company. Still, no matter which skill level you require, it is a time-consuming and painstaking process to hire without a recruiter’s assistance.

At CanMar Recruitment, attracting Canada’s top talent is our specialty. You can trust our experienced team of recruiters to understand the staffing requirements of your business, and to screen potential candidates with your company’s best interests in mind.

What sets us apart?

  • Communication – Your organization’s culture, strategy and purpose is something we promise to understand before we proceed.
  • Clear market focus– The cannabis market is in constant flux. We keep on top of the latest news, legislation, and regulation to ensure we can provide you with the most effective service.
  • A unique competitive edge– Our specialists are experts in the cannabis sector. We base our work on industry knowledge, which enables us to find and recruit individuals endowed with talent and ability for our clients.
  • Highest professional standards– CanMar Recruitment upholds the highest of professional ethics and standards. We adhere to the industry recognized code of ethics and guidelines which we apply on:
  1. Candidate assessments
  2. Background checks
  3. Candidate database
  4. Executive search software
  5. Recruitment and training

Implementation – Action is crucial. We only accept assignments that we know we can deliver on within the required time frame. These standards have helped us build long-term, successful relationships with our clients.