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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I benefit by working with CanMar Recruitment?

We understand how valuable your time is, and searching for talented staff is going to take up a ton of that valuable time. Why spend time looking for the perfect employee when we can do that for you? CanMar Recruitment provides a cost-effective solution for your recruitment needs. Trust us to find your ideal candidate. We are experts in recruitment and will advertise your position, screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews. By hiring CanMar Recruitment, you can stay focused on your business and let us do all the work. We’ll achieve your goals.

What are the areas in which CanMar Recruitment specializes?

CanMar Recruitment specializes in finding qualified staff for government-approved, licensed cannabis producers, dispensaries, cultivation facilities, labs, retail stores and supplementary businesses.

Would a client be charged for advertising?

No. We take care of the advertising costs, except for instances where our clients want to initiate a specific brand-building campaign. However, we have talented marketing staff on-hand to help with this, at your convenience.

How long is your screening process?

Our team follows a comprehensive screening process which is comprised of several crucial components, to ensure we present qualified candidates for open jobs. We run background checks on potential employees, reference checks, and conduct preliminary interviews to ensure that the candidates stand true to what they have mentioned on their resumes. We also conduct various skills assessment tests.

How can I optimize my recruitment partner at CanMar Recruitment?

The key to ensuring a successful collaboration with CanMar Recruitment is communication. Through an initial open discussion, we can adequately assess your needs and will be more effective at finding you the perfect fit.

What happens when candidates are presented to me by CanMar Recruitment?

Our recruitment partners work hard to find you the most suitable candidate matching your requirements. We advise that you interview the candidate at your earliest convenience. These candidates are in high demand, and we don’t want you to miss the opportunity.

Where do you advertise?

Apart from the candidates we are actively working with, we also rely on various internet job boards, our extensive personal and professional network, social media, and regular referrals that we receive from our existing clients and candidates.

What geographical locations does CanMar Recruitment service?

We provide staffing solutions globally.

Why CanMar Recruitment?

We are experts in human resources. Our years of experience means that we know how to filter out the best candidates for open positions. We use modern recruitment techniques which include online, social recruiting and branding campaigns that are in sync with the efforts made by our marketing team.

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